Lyndon Johnson tells Nixon he had been up all night with heart pains.

On January 2, 1973, Nixon asked the White House operator to get former President Johnson on the phone. Nixon was looking for cover--he did not want to attend Harry Truman's memorial service at the National Cathedral because of his animus for the Dean of the Cathedral, Francis Sayre, an anti-war activist (and Woodrow Wilson's grandson). Both LBJ and Nixon went to Independence, Missouri, the day after Truman died to pay their respects. Johnson tells Nixon that he had been up all night with heart pains and did not anticipate traveling to Washington. On a separate Oval Office tape directly after this call ends, Nixon says to Charles Colson, who had been sitting listening the entire time, that Johnson is a "hypochondriac." Johnson will die exactly 20 days later. This is their last call.  Listen.